A simple, cross-platform, command line move-to-trash.

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Release v1.1.4. (Installation)

But why?

The delete command is a simple alternative to using the standard rm command. Using rm as a matter of course can be dangerous and prone to mistakes. Once a file is unlinked with rm it cannot be recovered (without having backups).

All major graphical environments offer a “move to trash” option. This does a clean move operation to a “trash” folder. Once a file as been put in the trash it can be recovered easily. Periodically, the trash can be emptied if desired.

delete is a command line implementation of this metaphor. It maintains a basic sqlite3 database of files and folders put in the trash. Using the --list option will list the contents. Using --restore will restore a file or folder from the trash. Using --empty will purge anything put in the trash by delete.